Baba’s appearance in Shirdi and how he got the name Sai

Baba’s appearance in Shirdi and how he got the name Sai

Baba first came to Shirdi about the year 1854 and lived there for three years. Baba was seen meditating under a Neem Tree (the present GURUSTHAN). He was then about 16 years of age. He did not care about the heat of the Sun or the cold weather. He was Practising hard Penance. He did not speak to anyone and He did not go to anyone’s door. He always sat near the Neem tree. The villagers were very curious about this young Lad. They knew He was not an ordinary Man. One day, God Khandoba possessed the body of a devotee and the villagers asked him who this young Lad was and where He came from. God Khandoba asked them to dig a particular place near the Neem tree and when the villagers did so, they found a underneath a flat stone. Under the flat stone a corridor was seen which led to a cellar. In the celler they saw 4 Lamps burning and they also saw Rosaries, and other things used for meditation. Lord Khandoba said that the Lad practiced penance for 12 years in that place. And when they questioned the Lad about this, He mentioned that it was His Guru’s Place and He asked them to protect it well. He disappeared from there for about three years. He then came back to Shirdi with Chand Patil’s Marriage party in 1858 and continued to live in Shirdi for sixty years till his Mahasamadhi in 1918. When he came back to Shirdi , Mhalsapati the priest of Lord Khandoba Temple welcomed him as “ YA SAI” (Welcome SAI). Later He was called Sayin Maharaj. And then later he was called SAI BABA.


Baba Lived in a dilapidated mosque which he named Dwarakamai. He lived a very simple life. He never accumulated wealth. The name of Allah was always on His Lips. He had a Fire burning always, called the DHUNI and the Ash that came from the Dhuni was distributed to His Devotees as UDI. He always had lamps burning in Dwarakamai. Baba said, “ The wretched and miserable would rise into plenty of joy and happiness as soon as they climb the steps of DWARAKAMAI”. He embraced both Hindu and Muslim practices. Baba never said, “ I am GOD”, but that He was a humble servant of GOD, and that He always remembered Him and always uttered, “ Allah Malik” (GOD is the Sole Proprietor or Owner).
He advocated faith in God and tolerance towards all as the basic tenets for religious life. His compassion towards human beings and all creatures is the same. He is above caste, creed and religion. He is GOD Incarnate. Baba Said, “My Treasury is full and I can give anyone, what he wants, but I have to see, whether he is qualified to receive my gift.


Baba used to give His devotees UDI from the ever burning fire, called the Dhuni. Baba taught by this Udi that all the visible phenomena in the universe are as transient as the ash. The Udi that comes from the Dhuni cures even the most incurable diseases.



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